Capital of Austria, located on the banks of the Danube, east of the country, Vienna boasts an artistic and intellectual heritage that was formed over the centuries thanks to the influence of famous people such as Mozart, Beethoven and Freud, who lived in the city, influencing its intellectual and cultural life. Today the city offers the opportunity to visit large international museums located in the large residences of the Habsburg dynasty; the Belvedere, the Museum of Art History, the Albertina and the castle of Schonbruun ,which was, in fact, the summer residence of the Habsburgs, are worth visiting. But Vienna is much more than its past: international restaurants, trendy bars full of young people, avant-garde art galleries make the Austrian capital a place for all ages and needs.

(flights available from 04/07/20 – until 24/10/20)

Flight Info
Airlines Flight Period Frequency Opening Time
RyanAir FR07317 dal: 01/06/2021 al: 29/06/2021 tue 15:25:00
RyanAir FR07317 dal: 05/06/2021 al: 07/08/2021 sat 20:40:00
RyanAir FR07317 dal: 06/07/2021 al: 10/08/2021 tue 14:45:00

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