COVID 19 Emergency – Self Certification form

In relation to the Prime Minister’s Decree dated 9 March 2020 on the limitations for travel into, out of and within Italy, please be reminded that, before departure, you must complete two copies of a self-certification, specifying the reason for your trip (proven work requirements, situations of necessity or health purposes). This form is also mandatory for all Italian citizens or residents in Italy who travel to a Schengen or non-Schengen foreign country.

A copy of the form must be handed over to the Airport Border Police staff at the time of departure,   near to the security check-point area.

Self-certification is not necessary for EU or non-EU citizens. 

Passengers of any nationality arriving in Italy must also complete the self-certification form.

Those who do not have it, may request it at the airport terminal, check-in desks or information points or security check area.

In any case, passengers are asked to please contact their airlines to check their flight status.


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