The Passengers’ Bill of Rights

In June 2000, the European Commissioner presented the “THE PASSENGERS’ BILL OF RIGHTS” to institutes and the general public all over European countries thus bringing to their attention the importance of passengers and passenger rights within the air transport system.

Enac then drew up its “THE PASSENGERS’ BILL OF RIGHTS” based on current Italian national, European and International laws thus bringing under a single umbrella all the protection mechanisms available to passengers in the event of poor service; Enac therefore takes an active role as a Guarantor ensuring that the damaged party receives actual and effective assistance before the journey comes to an end.

This document is a compendium summarising all the rights of air passengers and the steps to be taken according to the type of bad service encountered; it is one of the most advanced instruments for the protection of air passengers’ rights and it places Italy in the vanguard within the European and international community.

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