Security Checks

In order to facilitate the screening process, please have your boarding card ready to show before entering the screening area and during the actual screening.

In accordance with the relevant and prevailing security procedures, the following are subject to screening:

a) The passenger himself, either by walk-through metal detector or possibly by a hand search (a shoe search may also be performed, if necessary);

b) Hand luggage by X-ray machinery and possibly a manual search;

c) Any other objects carried, to be placed individually in the trays provided; such objects include:

  • lighters;
  • rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings;
  • laptop computers, tablets and electronic devices generally;
  • credit cards;
  • mobile phones, smart phones;
  • keys;
  • belts;
  • watches;
  • purses, wallets, business card holders;
  • jackets and coats;

Passengers are reminded not to include in their cabin baggage any objects that might be dangerous or be considered to be improper weapons (e.g. knives, scissors, files).  Any decisions regarding the above are at the discretion of the security staff.

d)  Place the contents of your pockets in the X-ray checks tray;

e)  Get hold of a transparent plastic bag for liquids before the screening process.  The bag containing liquids will be screened as a separate item to the baggage.

f)   Take any laptops or other electronic devices out of your hand luggage so that they can be screened separately

g)   Place the hand luggage directly in the X-Ray screening device without putting it in the tray

h)   Walk through the metal detector gate

i)    Retrieve your personal belongings.