Customer Care

As mentioned previously, Customer Care is foremost in our company police which focuses on a quality approach.
A specially dedicated Office organises activities in two essential and distinctly separate phases:

customer care
customer suggestions, notifications and/or any complaints are gathered together and sorted;

customer satisfaction
customer feedback is acknowledged; any problems and/or poor service issues are dealt with; customer satisfaction is monitored; airport standards are constantly improved.

Any feedback is properly sorted according to category and regularly analysed by our Gesap Complaints Committee on the basis of:

– the nature of the complaint;
– the appropriate corporate body to solve the problem;
– the Enac complaint priority parameter.

Our Customer Service activities are centred around customer satisfaction so much so that customer surveys (based on Enac parameters) are carried out by specialised firms at differing intervals during the year to see how much our end-users value our services. The findings are then accordingly shown in the Service Charter both as actual facts (whether a service is actually provided and how it is supplied) as well as the degree of customer satisfaction (how the service is perceived by end-users).

For suggestions and compliants