Security Rules

General Passenger Information

All passengers departing from European-Union Airports (including domestic flights) regardless of their destination are subject to the security regulations set down by the European Union Regulations and by the Italian National Security Programme issued by the Italian National Aviation Authority (ENAC).

Therefore, all passengers are required to fully cooperate and carefully observe the set rules in order to preserve flight safety and facilitate checking activities for luggage and passengers before accessing the departure lounges.

All passengers must show their boarding cards and place the required objects in the special tray provided; they may also be requested to remove their footwear should the metal detector sense the presence of metal parts; if the security apparatus signals an alarm and/or in any case within the limits of percentage checks set down by sector regulations, the security staff may also require the checks to be repeated more than once.

It is forbidden to bring onto airport premises any luggage, objects or packages belonging to others and the contents of which are unknown to you.

It is likewise forbidden to leave your hand baggage anywhere while you are on airport premises

We rely on your cooperation should it prove necessary to open your hand baggage or undertake any more thorough checks.