The Company

GES.A.P. S.p.A. is the management company of the “Falcone Borsellino” International Airport of Palermo, with a share capital of 66,850,026.85 euro, fully subscribed, divided into 1,294,289 shares of 51.65 euro each, distributed among the Città Metropolitana di Palermo, the Municipality of Palermo, the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo, the Municipality of Cinisi, Confindustria Palermo and other minor shareholders.

As airport manager, the Company plans, builds and manages areas, infrastructures and plants of the airport, taking care of any necessary maintenance and implementation, also providing centralized services such as, for example, airport direction, public information and communication, airport surveillance and security and the provision of commercial services, directly or through sub-concessions to third parties.

Established in 1985, the Company operated until 1994 exclusively by providing handling services (ground handling services) to aircraft, given that Palermo airport was managed by the State (Ministry of Transport – General Directorate of Civil Aviation) and carried out by the local Airport Management.

In 1994, the Company became the holder of the twenty-year concession for the partial management of the airport, i.e. limited to the areas located in the land side (airport and related appurtenances), obtaining, in April 1999, the early entry in the management of the air side and, specifically, of flight infrastructures (runways, junctions, link roads, taxiways and aprons), pursuant to art. 17 L. 135/97.

In August 2007, with MIT / MEF Interministerial Decree n. 119T, GES.A.P. obtains the concession of the total management of the Palermo Airport lasting forty years.

Since January 2012, GESAP has periodically signed the Program Agreement with ENAC for the regulatory period of the subsequent  four-year period, i.e. the main tool for planning and regulating tariff dynamics for the use of airport infrastructures, based on the infrastructure investment plan and quality and environmental protection plan and traffic forecasts for the reference period.

In 2016, in accordance with the regulatory models introduced by the ART and the supervening legislation, GESAP defined the tariff scheme for the 2016/2019 four-year period by completing the consultation and approval process by the Users and by signing with ENAC, on July 8th  2016, the new 2016/2019 Program Contract, accompanied by the PEF for the reference period.

The procedures for defining the Program Agreement and the new tariff scheme according to ART models foreseen for the next four-year period 2020/2023 are currently underway.