Airport Regulations


In conformity with the regulatory dispositions of Law 265/04 and Legislative Decrees n° 96/05 and 151/06 – in review of the aviation section of the Air Traffic Code – GESAP, as an airport operator, proceeded to draw up the Airport Regulations for the Airport of Palermo.

This document was drawn up on the basis of a standard scheme regulated by the ENAC Circular APT 19 and adopted with ENAC Order Palermo Airport Management n° 4/07; together with the airport manuals previously approved upon issuance of the Air Certification, and Enac’s provisions, this document goes to make up the set of regulations for the Airport of Palermo which all public and private operators present on airport premises are obliged to observe.

It brings together all those rules of conducts and operational procedures as well as providing guidelines on how to use the airport resources, facilities and amenities properly and correctly thus ensuring that the entire airport community is involved and assisted in a correct and efficient fulfilment of its operational, technical and commercial duties both in terms of everyday airport management as well as in contingency and emergency situations.

The Airport Regulations are currently being reviewed in transposition of more recent legislation and regulatory procedures; a full new version will be ready this year.